Trainings and Workshops for Translation Programs

For information on how to apply to these courses contact your LPCs.


Course Dates Vanue
Old Testament Introduction 2 February-10 March Ukarumpa
Program Planning 23 February-3 March Ukarumpa
Paratext 3 25 February-3 March Ukarumpa
TTC Mentor Training 20-26 April    Ukarumpa
TTC Pre-Course English Enrichment 20-26 April   Ukarumpa
  TTC 27 April-1 June Ukarumpa
Paratext 2 8-21 June   Ukarumpa
Learning that Lasts (LTL) 14-22 June Ukarumpa
Building Your Vernacular Library 29 June-5 July


Back Translation Workshop 13-26 July Ukarumpa
Epistle Workshop 27 July-23 August Ukarumpa
Vernacular Creative Phonics 9-25 August    Ukarumpa
Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 10 August-21 September Ukarumpa
Orthotech 15-28 September Ukarumpa
Paratext 1 28 Septemeber-11October  Ukarumpa
Initial Skills Course 5 October-15 November  Ukarumpa
Biblical Hebrew 2 2-29 November  Ukarumpa
Translators Training Workshop 26 October-16 November  Ukarumpa
Translation Consultant Workshop 16-29 November      Ukarumpa